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Want to be a peaceful part of the community?

Though we at Peaceful Palate do appreciate all aspects of giving, some of our needs are special and some allow for more homemade goods. Given foods can be from the heart, but any event involving sales to fellow peeps will incur special regulations. Want to help, but not sure if it will work……email us! We’d love to connect!


Upon becoming a member, you are more than a foodie, a supporter, or a community warrior. You are now a nourisher. a simple gesture makes “full” fillment possible. each member’s support allows “us” to continue to find potential food “waste”, then salvage and resurrect, creating sustenance to those in need

  • Members are contributing partners of the peaceful palate movement. a yearly membership can be purchased at one of three tiers to help support at any persons availability
  • A light snack member program gives 25 dollars or less per month and is given access to “members tables” at the donator dinners.
  • A simple dining member will give 26 to 50 per month and will be given one seating of their month of choice at a donator dinner
  • Grand cuisine members will give 51 or more dollars a month and are given a spot at one monthly dinner per donator per year
  • Members receive email blasts for needs. alerts to peaceful events. and a forum to connect and share ideas and product locations or availability


Never is one required to do more than they can offer. Upon offerings Peaceful Palate will handle all the documentation and distribution. YOU as a supporter will be one of many donors providing potential unused goods to YOUR community members in need.

  • Have an abundance, purchased too much or amount of use is less than supply? A simple write off creates a supply of goods in which those in need can be nourished.
  • Produced too much or have a generous party/clientele? Simple. Contact Peaceful Palate and your donation can help support YOUR community.
  • Want to support in another form or have a solution? We’re merely an email away.

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